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Mike LePond's Silent Assassins - Whore of Babylon
Mike LePond's Silent Assassins - Ides of March
Mike LePond's Silent Assassins - Dracul Son
Blackthorne - We Won't Be Forgotten: The Blackthorne Anthology
Killer - Vol. 2: Only the Strong Survive, 1988-2015
Black Magic - Possessed (Outtake From Wizard's Spell)
  • 16-bit FLAC
Saxon - The Eagle Has Landed 40 ((Live) [Explicit])Contains explicit content
Various Artists - Live At Wacken 2018: 29 Years Louder Than Hell
Sepultura - Kairos ((Live At Wacken, 2018))
Saxon - 747 (Strangers in the Night) [with Phil Campbell] [Live In Helsinki, 2015]
Diamond Head - The Coffin Train
Diamond Head - Death by Design
Diamond Head - Belly of the Beast
Hirax - Hellion Rising
Satan - Suspended Sentence / Into the Future (Explicit)Contains explicit content
Various Artists - Hard Rock Heretics
Hard Rock Heretics Various Artists 2018
Saxon - Thunderbolt (Special Tour Edition)
Various Artists - Live At Wacken 2017: 28 Years Louder Than Hell
Saxon - Thunderbolt (Live in Frankfurt 02.03.18)
Cauldron - Letting Go
The Wacken Family Choir Mix - Heroes ((Live at Wacken 2017))
Eternal Void - Suspended Animation
Eternal Void - Erase The Sun
Saxon - Thunderbolt
Saxon - They Played Rock And Roll
Saxon - Thunderbolt
Saxon - Let Me Feel Your Power (Live)
Motörhead - Clean Your Clock (Live In Munich 2015) (Live In Munich 2015 [Explicit])Contains explicit content
Oceano - Revelation (Explicit)Contains explicit content
Helloween - Keeper of the Seven Keys, Pt. I (Expanded Edition)
Sed Infinita - Un Poco De Redención
Pantera - The Great Southern Trendkill (20th Anniversary Edition) (Explicit)Contains explicit content