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Crosson - Rock 'n' Roll Love Affair
Rob Fidel - Cosmic Blue
Llano River Blue - Self Made Girl
Rich Kid Express - Bubblegum Radio
Boys' Entrance - Boys' Entrance Presents Bowie's Entrance, Vol. 2
James Golding - Kick Me out of Bed
Blonde Tiger - 20th Century Boy
Drunk Pop - Maricón
The Derellas - Soho Hotel
Don Paris Schlotman - City of Rabbits
Santa Marosa - Reboot 2
Don Paris Schlotman - ウサギの都市
Anthony J Fink - Wish It Better
Various Artists - Cover Ups
Cover Ups Various Artists 2019
SYZYGY - Syzygy
Syzygy SYZYGY 2019
The Semi-Supervillains - Merry Xmas Everybody
Glam Master Punk - Xmas in the Pub
Tremendous - Copycat Killer
SYZYGY - Feel the Same
Gabriel Cyphre - The Beautiful People
Beauty in Chaos - 20th Century Boy ('73) [feat. Rolan Bolan & Wayne Hussey]
Zac - I Got Something in my Mind
  • 16-bit FLAC
Perfect Wig - Give Me a Cure (Explicit)Contains explicit content
Enid Ellen - Take It Off
Baby Shakes - Cause a Scene
Washington Social Club - Dance This Out
Peppermint Pumpkin - Smoking Cigarettes in the Dark
Adam + Attack by Fire - No More Coolhand
Public Pool - Vascular
Mister E Machine - Douse Myself
Private Jets - Superpower Girlfriend
Slick Velveteens - Double Trouble Singles
Wild Poets - Muy Bueno para Ser Verdad
Nacht - Superido
Superido Nacht 2019